“what should I wear” – office version

There are two types working classes (fashionably speaking): you are either asked (some may say forced – some may say allowed) to wear a uniform or …well…not.

In case you belong to the first group mentioned, you might feel relieved since you can sleep another 10 minutes in the morning, you don´t have the endless options of your closet (most of us have a closet full of nothing to wear) and you are spared a nerve-wracking process of decisions on “what should I wear today”. You also might feel restricted in your creativity and crave an occasion for all your pretty clothes to be presented. Trust me, I know what I am talking about: I had the most awful school uniform somebody can possibly imagine (thank God there are no digital pictures of THAT mess)!

In case you belong to the ladder group: well welcome to groundhog day (which takes place from Monday to at least Friday or even Saturday)! Every day the same story – dragging yourself out of the cozy bed already asking yourself “what should I wear today”, zombie walking to the coffee maker – still wondering which outfit to pick, doing your morning routine and finally ending up in front of your closet realizing: you don´t have anything to wear! Most of us have been there – most of us have done that. Most of us end up grabbing something in a rush resulting in a not at all creative, happy if it even matches outfit…..well great.

Some of us have that talent and discipline to decide and plan the previous evening or even week(end) ahead what to wear at work. If you belong to these people: I ENVY you!!Keep doing that (as if somebody needed to tell you that 😉 ) and enjoy your 10 more minutes of sleep, while we others try to get our act together.

As of me – I usually count myself to the rushing, grabbing something group and my outfit ends up being just another outfit. Apologies to my clothes! You deserve better. Anyhow sometimes (!) the fashion angel kisses me good night and gives me the inspiration for the next day (at least something). As one of those rare times happened I thought I´d share it with you.


I like to wear something, that makes me stand out a little, but not too much. Not over nor underdressed – hitting it just in between. Making a statement through fashion without screaming “GIVE ME ATTENTION, PLEASEEEE”. Therefore I like to combine one outstanding piece and keep everything down: usually this has the best effect. Also it is always good to draw the focus on only one body segment: in this case – my legs. Patterned pants which I tucked up (I know, there are pants with that length, but since I am not that tall – I am talking about 1,56 m – I was´t able to find ankle cut pants; they are never as short as I need them. So tucking up it is) so you can see my fishnet tights (very en vogue this season plus it keeps the cold a little; I never understood how those bared ankle people are not freezing to death). Black pointy slip-ons and a blue V-neck basic overall to underline the legs and not distract the eye too much.

A lot of times people like to draw the attention to the upper body by placing their statement piece (necklace, shirt) on the upper body – I thought this would be a nice change. What do you guys think?



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