What to wear – Christmas inspiration

I know….middle of December. As if your daily to do – list would´t be stuffed enough, you know: work/school, groceries shopping, house cleaning (I gave up on that by the way – can´t have it all), doctor´s appointments (check ups are important, people!) and so on and so forth ; it´s also festive season. YAY! Well it has two sides (as everything does).

On the one side there is at least one Christmas staff party with (hopefully) enjoyable colleagues and/ or friends and at least one visit to the Christmas market; cute little lights, finally a chance to wear your coziest knit wear without breaking a sweat or to wear that “ugly” sweater (which you actually grew to love).

On the other side: C H R I S T M A S  S H O P P I N G … and I don´t mean the nice “walking the malls as if they were your runway”, NO, I mean the stressful running around during lunch break, together with other fellow companions (who are at least as desperate as you), trying to figure out what in the world your relatives could wish for this year. Socks – really? Again? Bathroom gift sets – hm. Maybe. At least they can use it…A voucher – but which store???

Time flies by and while you are still trying to answer some of the questions mentioned above – BOOM – it´s Christmas Eve. (Hopefully you are not in charge of the family dinner – if so: GOOD LUCK). And there is one question displacing all the others:

What am I wearing tonight??? 

Of course there are the disciplined organized out there, who got their Christmas shopping in November and their meal plan and outfit ready by lunch hour on the 24th – well, good for you! For the rest of us, the “last minute type”: I thought I´d share some outfit inspirations with you. Maybe I can be of help 🙂

left pic: a pair of large green highwaist trousers with a waterfall top (which is a bathing suit btw)

middle pic: silver grey party dress. And since the dress is all shiny and bright, I paired it with black tights and grey shoes to keep the focus on the dress (btw: I know there are creases around my tummy and I am ok with that 😀 )

right pic: same green shade as on the left pic; this time a lace skirt and a simple black V-neck top. And since the outfit is kept simple, I put the sparkle on the shoes by adding rose gold metal pointy high heels. And for the petite girls out there: I thought for the longest that we can not wear that length in a skirt – well, turns out it works! Mostly due to the fact that it is a pencil skirt (and the fact that the last part is all lace, without any fabric underneath)

No matter to which group you count yourself to (organized or last minute):

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas among your loved ones!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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