Needles & denim

Living in Passau (lower Bavaria, Germany – just in case you didn´t know) means that there are not a lot of events, one could attend.

Every once in a while though, there are event planners eventually considering this little spot on the map, as was this winter: a little tattoo convention found its way to lower Bavaria.

And since I was looking for inspiration and an idea for my second tattoo – I grabbed the chance and checked it out!

Matching the cool atmosphere, I opted for a beanie, a denim on denim look and one of the must haves of the season: overtness. It´s a good thing, that their decoration was also kinda American themed (funny coincidence). Stars and stripes always go well with denim.thumb_img_4805_1024

There was a huge room and a lot of talented artists showed their artwork and their craft during the 2 days event. Spontaneous tattoo wishes being welcome.

For those (like me) who were just looking, there was plenty to see: not only the mentioned artists, but also a couple of competitions were scheduled that day (best colored tattoo, best miniature tattoo) and the audience could get an impression of the viral trends of the inked world.thumb_img_4817_1024

While I look for tattoo artists and more ideas, you can have a look at the details of my outfit.

BTW: your festival jewlery does´t have to wait for summer! I love how it matches my denim outfit. What do you think? Is this an option/ inspiration?




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