Winter blue(s)

Well this winter wonderland is kind of pretty….that is pretty much the only positive thing I have to say about the weather in January. Where was all the snow during Christmas? It´s nice to have a white Christmas instead of a “white – let´s go/fall/slide back to work/school”. But…at least it´s pretty.

So I grabbed the chance to shoot an outfit for you guys and show you some of the sale pieces I found during winter sale. If still available, you’ll find the links below.

I have mentioned it a couple of times: probs to everyone who wears blank ankles or fish tights with (or even without X_X) ripped jeans – I am not one of those brave bloggers. I like it warm and comfy!

[petite tip: I usually wear tight tops with wide pants – just because I feel like otherwise it´s too much fabric and too little me. But with these being high waist, they are tight around my waist, so I can wear this wide fit turtle neck]

So with the outfit being kinda subtle – i added a statement necklace. Again a piece of jewellery perfect for both: summer festival styles and cozy winter outfits.


outfit details (all last sale):


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