Knitwear – 3ways

As the winter ends (no complaining here!), I wanted to share with you this post related to the cold time of the year.

One of my obsessions this season was definitely knitwear. Cozy and warm (and you can eat all you want!) – perfect for snowy cold weather.

I have to say a huge THANK YOU to my talented mum, since she made all of the sweaters you´ll see below.

There are a lot of ways to wear knitwear. I know that there has been a lot of layering going around but I like to keep it simple. Since the knitwear already gives my upper body a lot of volume, I mostly keep it simple on the lower part. If the sweater is long enough, I simply wear it as a dress (tip: if you are a little insecure about wearing it this way, you can also wear a mini skirt or hot pants underneath) and combine it with a pair of tights.


Yes, the red ones are tights with a snake/wild pattern. I really have to say, I was curious to try this with sneakers – what do you think?

If the sweater is not long enough (especially for all the tall people out there) just grab your favourite skinny jeans (or eventually leggings) and you are good to go!


Which one is your favourite outfit?


9 thoughts on “Knitwear – 3ways

  1. I really like your first outfit.
    The Knitwear looks so cuddly und still elegant.
    Congrats to your Mom for producing such nice and unique things.
    best wishes


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