Spring start – office look

So even if not quite here yet and not constantly present outside – spring has finally arrived (plus: spring is what´s in your head, right 😉 ). So it is finally time for light colours, flowing fabric and sunglasses. On that note: good bye and see ya heavy coats!

There is however one trend going viral these days: ruffles. I went a little closet shopping and found this button up shirt. It is my mom´s – can you believe it? This proves one more time that fashion trends do have come backs every once in a while.

Now there are a lot of ways to combine and wear this. I opted for a girl boss/office look. Since there are ruffles and stripes and buttons on the top, there is a lot going on. Especially for work it might be a good idea to tone it down a little by keeping it simple on the lower body. As of me I love (<3) straight trousers – they are elegant and chic; even more if they are high waist (btw: these belong to my mum as well).

Btw: with the stripes being so thin, you don’t have to worry that they make you look large, if this might be a concern of yours.

And hence the button up shirt is making a statement for itself, I also wanted to keep it simple with the accessories. Black sunglasses and a purse and I am ready to kick off this work day!

Now for those of you who do not wear the same size as your mum/grandma/aunt – there is always a simple DIY trick to make it fit. And if not: your dad´s closet might be an option (I will do a post on a shirt I stole from that closet)




Since my outfit is out of my mum´s closet: one of the bloggers I am following, Nina (love her blog!) has a great collection of blouses – go check it out, if you are looking for one.

Also different collections from different price ranges



Vero Moda:



Untitled design


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