Fashion Challenge (March) #allabout denim: patches vs. embroidery


The blogger business is huge right now – therefore the competition is big on this one. But every once in a while there are bloggers who are more about the positivity of the support among each other. One of these bloggers is Who is Mocca who called for a monthly fashion challenge. Well, challenge accepted!

This month is all about denim. But not plain denim or jeans – the challenge is to have some denim pieces with either patches or embroidery. Both options a major trend right now.

My fashion piece is this kind of baggy kind of boyfriend jeans. It took me a while to find a baggy jeans that would fit my height, but after a long trial and error period of time (if there is anyone who has another, more time efficient way to find pants, I am happy to hear all about it) , I finally found this pair of denim. Even after finding the right fit, I still wanted to alter it a little. Good thing I am a huge fan of DIY!

Well first [petite tip]: in order to avoid the fabric to swallow you, you might want to roll the pants up a little, so you can see your ankles (I also love to combine these with high heels).

Second: although the jeans already had studs on them, I still thought they were too plain. So I got a pack of patches and ironed it on the jeans; not sure it will last forever though… [Tip: instead of ironing, you can also use fabric glue or fixing pins]. And there is my DIY patches jeans.

As a perfect accessory to go with my denim I chose my DIY choker. HOW TO: take a pair of old jeans or a piece of denim. Measure your neck (eventually ask a friend to help you) – if you don’t have measuring tape, take a piece of white string, wrap it around your neck and mark where it overlaps. Add an additional 1 cm and cut the fabric, or – even better – rip it off (therefore you have this fringy look). I sued two press – studs as a cap. DONE!

What do you think?



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