Spring and stripes

Couple of weeks ago, us girls decided to escape our law students´life – what better way to distract yourself than shopping in one of the biggest malls Austria has (have a look here)!

Among my (way too many – as usual) shopping pickings, I found this button up dress with white and beige stripes on the side. In order to not leave the stripes alone, I added some more and asked myself: when are many stripes too many stripes? Are there even too many stripes possible? Eventually this outfit might answer these questions.

Hence spring is finally here (and it hopefully stays), I did not want my outfit to be all black. Therefore I added my pink blush sparkle socks, which match the beige. Good thing, showing you socks is trending right now, otherwise the world would miss these pretty pieces of fabric.

And of course it would not be me, if i would not have a colour popping in (those following me on Instagram might already expect this). To complete the outfit, I opted for this colourful bag, which not only pops some colour in, but also matches my motto: STRIPES.



18 thoughts on “Spring and stripes

    1. Also für mich ist das natürlich nichts mehr – da bin ich schon zu alt ;-)… aber dir steht dieser Strumpftrend super! Schönes Outift, das dir super steht!
      Aber du bist sowieso eine Schöne, der alles passt <3!
      Hab einen schönen Abend!
      Liebe Grüße


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