Casual meets 3in1 trench coat

Even though the sun is finally shining – the temperature is not (always) quite there yet. The weather calls for trench coats. So inspired by the weather and by Jenny´s (fashioncircuz) post, I thought I´d show you my 3in1 trench coat. [*outfit details below]

I really was (or probably still am) a leather jacket kinda girl, but some occasions call for the more elegant style of a trench coat. Nevertheless this won´t be a business outfit post! I styled the trench coat down.

Instead of opting for a button up shirt and trousers (if curious too see that outfit, just click here), I went for a more casual look. High waist straight pants always make me look taller, so I could not resist, when I saw these sweat pants especially with the stripes on the side (as you might have noticed, I am a little crazy on stripes right now, as you can see here or here). I got them while us girls took a shopping day at the PlusCity Mall in Linz. By the way you guys, this mall is humongous – as in US – size of mall humongous (if you are down for the “shop tip you drop” experience, THAT is the place to go)!

Even though I will mostly wear these with high heels: 1. because I like the style, 2. because they are too long (even after me shortening them); I decided to go for sneakers this time.

As I mentioned, my trench coat is a 3in1 piece. You can wear it as a trench coat (1), or you separate it and wear either the short jacket (2) or the long vest (3). Isn´t this great?! Plus it is very handy for travelling, since you don´t have to pack as much! I love a handy piece of clothing 🙂

Also, this whole outfit would make a good travel outfit (eventually minus the hat). What do you think?

Scroll down for the outfit details.


versatile trench coat


8 thoughts on “Casual meets 3in1 trench coat

  1. Vielen lieben Dank für die Komplimente! Freut mich, dass der Look so gut ankommt 🙂
    Ich habe unzählige Disney Tshirts (und mittlerweile sogar eine Mickey Maus Strumpfhose) – ich sollte mal einen Beitrag dazu schreiben 😅


  2. I have been seeing the single striped pant quite a lot recently but this is the first one that isn’t red white and black combo. Love it!


      1. Yellow and mustard has been so in season I would have made the same choice if I’m given the options between yellow and red!

        Liked by 1 person

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