Cherry blossom frenzy

So, I don´t know about your Instagram feed, but mine (btw: you can follow me on IG ) is full of them: cherry blossom trees! Not only are their flowers beautiful but also the have a message: spring has finally arrived. Change of seasons means change of wardrobe. Brighter, more vivid colours, lighter materials and all kinds of different patterns. A lot of them include – as the nature implies – flowers; more specifically cherry blossoms.

According to Wikipedia (where most of the wisdom comes from 😉 ) cherry blossoms are Japans national flower. Therefore the flower is often associated with the Asian culture/style, which now has found its way in our closets. So now, you can not only find cherry blossoms in nature and on insta, but also worn by fashionistas 🙂

I know, in order to create the perfect asian look, I would have needed chopsticks in my hair…lacking those, i decided to go for a casual urban spring style: a light top with lace details, coloured jeans and laced plattforms for the urban spring part of the style. On top my cherry blossom kimono – look alike for the asian vibes. [outfit details below]

What do you think? And how do you like the asian trend?

For those of you celebrating: Happy Easter!!



Outfit details:

Cherry blossom


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