DIY: lace up your jeans

As you might now/ as you can see here, I am a fan of DIY. No matter if decoration, art or clothing – I just love to build something with my own hands. Even if not perfect, you have something very unique (you know: unique-by-flaws 😉 ). Also as a petite type of girl, I am used to clothes not fitting me. My motto is “if it doesn’t´t fit, I´ll make it fit”.

So after the statement sleeve trending (check it out here), the statement leg is kinda en vogue. And because shopping for jeans is more frustration than fun, I thought I´d spice up or actually lace up a pair of my old jeans.

You´ll need:

  • pair of jeans
  • lace or another fabric you would like (tulle would look great too)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine (make sure, the needle is for denim; I didn’t, so of course it broke)

1. Step

Measure the length you want to cut, add 1 – 2 cm seam allowance and pin the jeans.

lace detail jeans

2. Step

Cut a strip of the (lace) fabric. Make sure it is long enough since you will double it, in order to get loops. Pin then the fabric and make the loops from spot to spot – depending on how wavy you want to have it.

lace jeans DIY

3. Step

Sew it 🙂

DIY lace jeans

4. Step

Sew the loose sides together (I did it without the sewing machine btw).

DIY how to

I added a little lace detail to the little pocket. Below you can see the jeans in action. I hope you like this DIY. Let me know if you tried it and let me know if there are other DIY you would like to see from me 🙂

how to jeanslace up jeanshow to DIYDIY jeans laceDIY jeanslace DIY

DIY lace jeans


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