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A thought stroke my mind a couple of days ago: was sex and the city the origin of today´s bloggermania?

Carrie – one of the main characters – was a writer addicted to fashion. She was putting her life out there for everyone to read. Also she and her friends were constantly in restaurants: at dinner time, at lunch time or – of course – brunching. Not to mention the unbelievable designer pieces: from Manolo Blahnik shoes to designer hand bags – never one episode without showing a brand logo.

Now let´s look at bloggers and influencers of today. No matter if it´s Nina from fashiioncarpet, Laura from Designdschungel or Caro from Pinkfox (just to name a few) – they are pretty much living the sex and the city (actual the blog and the city) life or at least, that is what their IG accounts and snapchat stories are suggesting. Countless brunch dates and a lot of designer pieces: sounds familiar?

What we used to see once a week – for those younger: this is how we used to watch a series back in the olden days, where neither Netflix/Amazon Prime or the term “binge watching” existed – is now filling our Instagram feeds on a daily, if not even hourly, basis.

There are a couple of differences though: unlike Carrie most bloggers/influencers are wearing a bra underneath super light- material dresses (I´ll never forget when she walked out in that newspaper dress). Also the “Sex” part does not really play any part in the most blogs I know (so it is more like ” / and the city” – yes, this is another reference to the series. Do you know which episode I am talking about?).

So let´s hold on for a minute and thank HBO for broadcasting Sex and the City, eventually the mother of all influencers! Who would have thought, that the series would not only set the trends in fashion and lifestyle but also create an entire job market?!

What are your thoughts on this? Or have you even blogged about SATC? Please let me know in the comments below – drop your link, and I´ll gladly have a look!summer elegancekhaki and whitegold earringskhaki shoeskhaki cape

Outfit details:


6 thoughts on “Blog and the City

  1. Wow, sehr schicker Look.
    Das Top und die Schuhe sind ja farblich toll aufeinander abgestimmt, ja sogar der Nagellack passt perfekt dazu. Das nenne ich ja mal Liebe zum Detail – super
    Interessanter Gedanke Sex in the city – die Mutter aller Modebloggs – Why not?
    Hab einen schönen Sonntag.


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