Ladylike in black & white (review)

There is hardly a time when I visit the drug store and don´t get something spontaneously (I know, bad habit, especially for my wallet). Especially collaborations between makeup brands and designers or qute packaging (these two go hand in hand) manage to get my attention, but also new products sneak in my shopping cart. 

Which is exactly what happened with the lip topper by p2 cosmetics. First of all, I have never heard of a lip topper whatsoever. For me, it was news, so I had to try it! A lip topper is basically another lip product you use on top of your lipstick (hence the name). You can use it as a highlighter on your lip (since lip contouring is trending right now) or you can apply it on either the upper or lower lip for dramatic effects. I decided to go for a lip ring look (yes I admit it, Kim K. inspired me) and the highlighter version.

The voyage fever lip topper comes in two shades: gold and silver and it is limited edition (the collection is called cosmopolitan chic).

p2 lip topper


Application: You can apply the lip topper like you would apply any other cream lipstick or lipgloss.  You just have to wait a little until it is dry (it has a creamy texture).

Looks: I love the look, but since good looks is in the eye of the viewer, I will let you decide 😉 .

Care: Well about that….while waiting for it to dry, you will feel it drying. And it gave me the sense of drying out my lip, which was not very pleasant (kinda like a face mask). Even though the feeling went away after a while, I don´t think this one takes good care of your lips.

Conclusion: This lip topper is definitely not an every day option due to the lack of lip care. But it is good for the WOW effect. I will try the upper/lower lip style. Plus I think you will be the make up trendsetter at every boho/hippie themed festival. It is quite long lasting.


I thought I would go for a vavavavoum outfit in order to match the gym lip topper:

highwaistladylikeswimsuitdeep vneck

Outfit details:


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