Review – glossy box/february

Yay! I won! Vanessa from cityhopperlook gave her IG followers the chance to win a glossy box – and I was the lucky one 🙂

My prize was the february glossy box filled with some goodies, which I tested for you guys.

glossy box unboxing

Glossy box

For those of you who haven´t heard of it: once you subscribe, you get a glossy box per month which is filled with different cosmetic products. Sometimes they theme the box; in February the box was designed matching valentines day (in march the theme was “beauty and the beast” <3). They not only have the glossy box, but also a man box as well as a young box.

There are different types of subscriptions:

  1. monthly: 15€/month
  2. 3 months: 14,50€/ month
  3. 6 months: 13,50€/month
  4. 12 months: 12,50€/ month

All these prices are for Germany. However you can get glossy box in the following countries: Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norvegia, France, Great Britain, USA/Canada.


You not only get beauty products, but in the Glossybox there also was a voucher for my muesli (if you haven´t check them out!), a book extract of “Bourbon Kings” by J.R.Ward and the glossy magazine.

glossy box all

Oolution eye love

what they say: “Filled with vasoconstrictive, draining and detoxifying actives, Eye love reduces dark circles and bags. By stimulating collagen synthesis, it reduces wrinkles that start forming first around the eyes. With its moisturizing and lifting actions it prevents the transformation of lines due to dehydration into more profound wrinkles. With Eye love, never your soul will have a more shimmeringmirror!”

You can check their 65 (!) ingredients here. 15 ml cost 35 €

My review: the cream is very light and it sinks in very quickly. My skin feels smooths and it is moistured. To be honest I hardly have dark circles and puffy eyes (no complains here), so I can´t quite tell if it is working or not. SORRY!

glossy box aging

Jeanne Arthes´ L´eau de rose perfume

What they say: “Representing simple elegance, L’Eau de Rose reflects the sensual and modern woman. A refreshing and sophisticated composition for a classy and stimulating fragrance. A perfume which represents the delicate and seductive woman perfectly – An homage to romance and femininity.”

More about the ingredients here. 30 ml cost 30€.

My review: The smell is very flowery but yet light. It is a great smell for spring and/or summer. They are right about the romance and femininity.

glossy box perfume

Biodroga face cream

What they say: “Tinted Moisturizer Lends all skin types a well-groomed, subtly tinted complexion. The Bioactive Moisture Complex with Madecassoside and hyaluronic acid supports the transportation and distribution of moisture in skin. Special light-refracting pigments conceal minor irregularities and impart an especially smooth, radiant look. Provides for an optimal moisture balance for many hours and a smooth skin structure.
With sun protection.”

You can find their ingredients here. 30 ml cost 30€.

My review: The cream is moisturising and it gives you a nice colour. When first applying, I took a little too much – so my face was very orange – but my skin soaked it up really quick ;).

glossy box daycream

blend-a-med 3D white

What they say: “Oral-B presents its best ever whitening system – 3D White Luxe Perfection toothpaste and Whitening Accelerator.
STEP 1: 3D White Luxe Perfection toothpaste to brighten your smile by removing up to 100% of stains* in just 3 days.
STEP 2: The unique 3D White Luxe Whitening Accelerator to keep your white smile for up to 24 hours** by creating a protective layer around the teeth to preserve them from everyday staining agents.”

My review: The toothpaste is like every other toothpaste you know. The whitening accelerator smell is like the one you know from the dentist. I could not really see a difference to be honest…

glossy box tooth paste

Nutrakiss lip plumper

What they say: “The special active ingredient complex provides rosy and full lips – lip gloss with boosting effect! NUTRAKISS Lip Plumper moistures the lips, balances fine wrinkles, improves the elasticity of the skin and provides a shiny finish. The result: full, sensual lips with a glamorous glow. Can be used alone or as a primer. For best results, wait a few minutes before applying another lip product.”

My review: First of all – I love that they gave us the sample as a keyring pendant 🙂 The lip plumper is a little minty and you can feel it working on your lips. It really evens out fine lines and is very shiny, but don’t expect any Kylie Jenner lips. I used it alone – but as every lip gloss, it doesn’t stay for ever on your lips.

glossy box lipplumper

Rituals lipstick

What they say: “A lipstick with expressive color and natural shine. Covers perfectly and is easy to apply”

My review: I really love the colour of this one. It stays for a good while and – most importantly – it doesn’t dry out your lips (unlike this product)!

glossy box lipstick


For all the cosmetics junkies out there, the glossy box is an option. Especially if you love to try out new products. For the stuff you get, the price of a box is really quite reasonable. Also it is really a good gift idea (and it spares you the packing)^^

glossy box lipsglossy box me


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