Undies in the spotlight

As it is getting warmer by the day – our outfits get lighter. So why not loose it all?

*outfit details below

NO! Of course I am not going to run around naked – but spotted on the summer trend report: lingerie. Light PJ tops and dresses are no longer meant for your night routine. You can find a couple of examples on Lara´s blog as well as on my IG.

Well, there is more than just PJ tops and light dresses. Another piece of clothing, originally meant to be worn underneath is the corset. Nowadays the corset is trending in form of a belt, but I risked combining the original.

In Europe, corsets appeared around 1600; it was meant to give women a certain shape which was en vogue at the time (of course the shapes changed during the different period of time). Not to be mixed up – a corset is something different than a corsage. While the first one is very stiff, the latter is softer and gives your body more space.

Even though worn alone, corsets surely are great for a sexy vavavavoum – moment, you can combine them to an every day outfit. At least this is what I tried. I layered the corset on top of a white blouse. As you can se, I kept the outfit really simple in order to put the key piece in the spotlight. What do you think?

By the way, if a corset is too much for you, you can always try a corset belt 🙂

corsage walkcorsagecorsage backcorsage lacescorsage details

Outfit details:


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