Festival Fashion Guide

Summer time means – among a lot – festival time. Hot days, sunshine and/or rain, camping, good music and a lot of fun.

As of me – well I have a big confession to make: I haven’t been to any of the major festivals: no Rock im Park/ Rock am Ring, no Melt (even though I wanted to!), nothing big.

First of all, I am not the big crowd kind of person. I don’t like getting elbows in my face, and this is pretty much what I assume would happen, since my face is on the height of the average elbow :D. I know, it probably would be easy to get somebody to lift me on his shoulders – but I am afraid of heights (eventually a reason why I stayed so small).

Second of all: I didn´t really have anybody to go with.

I do wish to go to a big festival some time. And no it is not Coachella – I would love to go to the Burning man festival. Have you heard of that?

I have been to smaller festivals in the area around – that´s more my type. But no matter which size – the wardrobe is an important part to think about before the festival season begins. On trend and useful – this is the go to when it comes to a festival fashion guide. Learning from other people´s experiences: you really need waterproof and comfy shoes!

If you are looking for some outfit inspirations – I hope I got you covered. If not: I have a list of my favourite bloggers, who might inspire your choice of clothing and help you out with tips!

  1. Bohemian

    white bohowhite boho handwhite boho walkwhite boho turnwhite boho hairflipwhite boho pocketwhite boho detailswhite boho portrait


Lisa (LOVE her!!!!!) on thelfashion – also she has a whole blogpost with tips for the best festival experience 😀

Masha on marsha-sedgewick – especially on why not to go to Coachella 🙂

Dana on the Diary of D


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