Festival Fashion Guide | II

Summer time means – among a lot – festival time. Hot days, sunshine and/or rain, camping, good music and a lot of fun.

If you are looking for some outfit inspirations – I hope I got you covered. If not: I have a list of my favourite bloggers, who might inspire your choice of clothing and help you out with tips – scroll down to have a look!

2. All black

While my last Post was all about a very bohemian – USA look (yes, I´ll admit, it is coachella inspired) this outfit won’t go that way. This is a perfect look if it´s a little cloudy but warm. You wouldn’t´t want to be in a black dress while the sun is fully shining!

As you might know me – I hardly go for one colour. And yes I know black isn’t a colour technically… Even if it is an “all black” outfit – I did add a pop of colour with m pink bandeau top. Of course you can replace the bandeau with a bikini top (do not pack too much! It should be first fun, then fashion). Also instead of the hat, which is at risk to get lost, you might want to opt for a bandana 🙂

all black standingall black laughall black intenseall black frontalall black frontall black balloonattackall black backall black shoes

Lisa (LOVE her!!!!!) on thelfashion – also she has a whole blogpost with tips for the best festival experience 😀

Masha on marsha-sedgewick – especially on why not to go to Coachella 🙂

Dana on the diary of D


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