Festival fashion Guide|IV

Summer time means – among a lot – festival time. Hot days, sunshine and/or rain, camping, good music and a lot of fun.

If you are looking for some outfit inspirations – I hope I got you covered. If not: I have a list of my favourite bloggers, who might inspire your choice of clothing and help you out with tips – scroll down to have a look!

So this was the last look of my festival fashion guide. I hope you guys liked it! Which was your favourite: 123 or this last one?

4. These boots are made for walkin´

Fringes do not have to be only on tops – as you can see here or purses – you can have ´em on shoes too! The leather pants are a good option – you can sit wherever or even get into a (beer) shower – you only need to wipe it off and you are good to go!

I decides to add little braids to my hair style – one of them I pinned across my forehead…so no need for accessories here (which would get lost anyways) ^^

Also I LOVE the cut outs on the back of my shirt. It is supposed to be a skull – not sure you can see it ?! The good part is: you can cut whatever you want into any basic shirt – and there you have a unique shirt with a little extra!




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