Big City Life – why though?

As you can see from my wishlist, I am drawn to metropolises. even though there are only two mentioned – I am fascinated by big cities. For now, living in a metropolis remains on my bucket list!

Having a couple of friends moving and seeing their struggle finding a place to live (which is not beyond expensive) – apparently there are a lot of people aiming for the big city life.

But why? What is it, that we hope to find there? I can only speak for my self and what I have experienced so far, when visiting (I know, it is not the same as living there): on the one hand – the bigger the city, the more possibilities you have: a greater diversity of events, food and places to go. Now this makes sense. On the other hand, and this might sound odd, you are more by yourself, even though you are surrounded by millions of people. It´s the lots of strangers who allow you to live anonymously – you do not have this option in a small city, trust me 😉

Also, a metropolis may inspire you and your style: even though I always wear what I feel like wearing, every time I am in a big city, I feel more confident when it comes to fashion. So I often end up going a little over my personal styling edge, like with this style, including my DIY sunglasses. (outfit details below)

Which is your favourite metropolis?



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