Let´s face it: Caudalie review

A Couple of months ago, I was one of 50 lucky winners of a giveaway. Jecky (from wantgetrepeat) had a testing series going on (you can read her review and watch her video) on the Caudalie Vinoperfect Series.

The set consists of an essence, a serum, a day and a night cream. The products are especially made for pigmented moles and your skin care routine. The Parisian company uses all natural, products, focusing on the use of grapevine.


The routine is simple: after cleaning your skin, you apply the essence, afterwards the serum and finally – depending on the time of the day –  the day or night cream.

  1. The essence

What they say*: the essence has a moisturising and calming effects on the skin. It helps evening your skin and gives you a glow.

Price: 28,60€ / 150 ml

Review: My skin absorbed the essence immediately. If I had any red marks (because I pick my skin every now and then, even knowing that I shouldn’t – don’t judge me), it really calmed the skin down. Also it smells fresh and really amazing (I am the worst at describing smells, so sorry)!


2. The serum

What they say*: The oil free formula corrects pigmented moles and prevents them from building. Also it makes your skin look even and gives you a glow.

Price: 47€/ 30 ml

Review: Thankfully I have no pigmented moles on my skin, so I can’t tell you anything about that (Jecky however, can). But my skin gets really oily, and I can ay that the serum sinks immediately in the skin without making it oily. Also I loved the packaging: if you unboxed the box, they show you, how to apply the product on your skin.


3. The day cream

What they say*: The oil free formula is moisturising the skin, diminishes the pores and corrects the little skin imperfections. It has an SPF 20 and you can get a tinted version of the cream.

Price: 28,60€/ 40 ml

Review: I love the fact that it has sun protection in it! I am not so sure that my pores looked differently, but my skin felt really great and well taken care of after using the day cream. It also smells great and has the instructions on how to apply on the inside of the box.


4. The overnight cream

What they say*: The night cream stimulates the regeneration of your skin cells and also helps cleaning your skin overnight.

Price: 28,60€/ 40 ml

Review: Especially if i had redness (yeah, the picking..) or any skin marks, they would be gone the next day. The cream sunk right in without leaving my skin oily.


Sum up: I really loved testing the Vinoperfect series. I like the packaging and the smell as well as the fact that they produce cruelty free and environmental friendly. Usually I am very lazy when it comes to skin care – until I got these products I would try (!) to use a moisturiser on a daily basis. Especially if you are using a lot of (different) make up products, I think a treatment with the vinoperfect series is a great spa for your skin.


*all the information is from the official Caudalie website.


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